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Sex / Пол : Male
Points / Очки : 144
Age / Возраст : 27

PostSubject: Rules   27.01.13 14:07

1.Only WOND and Bulllz Eye clan members can take part in it.
2. All of the players must play with each other in this league(2 battles).
3. 1 won battle is worth point.
4. No Deadlines for a round.But there will be deadline for whole tounrey,and if the player doesn't manage to play his games he gets
0:2 technical defeat for each missed game.
5. The schedule will radomly decide who plays with who and what matchup.
5. The higher are the ponits of a player, the higher he ranks in the league table.
6. If the points are equal,the battles against each other will be counted.
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