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Sex / Пол : Male
Points / Очки : 144
Age / Возраст : 27

PostSubject: Schedule   18.02.13 15:59

1 round

Pontus - Seleucid

Kingmax vs Ruben
Seasonwave vs Hoso
Elnin0 vs Bazon Higgs
Levon vs Saqo
Azat vs Socrates
Cezarus vs Alan
Gevorg vs Aragorn
FenomeN vs Stefan
Fuhrer vs Wanderer
Kable vs Decius Mus

2 round

Egypt - Britons

Decius mus vs Fuhrer
Kable vs Ruben
Hoso vs Kingmax
Seasonwave vs Bazon Higgs
Elnino vs Saqo 2:0
Socrates vs Levon 0:2
Alan vs Azat
Aragron vs Cezarus
Gevorg vs Stefan 2:0
Wanderer vs FenomeN 2:0

3 round

Rome - Macedon

Levon vs Azat
Kable vs Wanderer
Socrates vs Ruben 2-0
Alan vs Gevorg 0:2
Decius mus vs Stefan
Fuhrer vs FenomeN
Bazon vs Saqo
Cezarus vs Kingmax
Hoso vs Aragorn
Seasonwave vs Elnin0

4 round

Armenia - Seleucid

Bazon vs Cezarus
Saqo vs Gevorg
Socrates vs FenomeN
Alan vs Fuhrer
Aragron vs Kable
Stefan vs Kingmax
Seasonwave vs Wanderer
Elnin0 vs Decius mus
Levon vs Ruben
Azat vs Hoso

5 round

Macedon - Carthage

Elnino vs Aragorn
Levon vs Stefan
Azat vs Wanderer
Cezarus vs Decius mus
Ruben vs Gevorg
FenomeN vs Hoso
Bazon vs Fuhrer
Kable vs Saqo
Socrates vs Kingmax
Seasonwave vs Alan

6 round

Britons - Pontus

Gevorg vs Wanderer 2:0
Decius mus vs FenomeN
Fuhrer vs Ruben
Hoso vs Kable
Kingmax vs Bazon
Saqo vs Seasonwave
Elnin0 vs Socrates
Alan vs Levon
Aragorn vs Azat
Stefan vs Cezarus

7 round

Armenia - Scythia

Levon vs Hoso
Azat vs Bazon
Cezarus vs Saqo
Socrates vs Gevorg
FenomeN vs Alan
Fuhrer vs Aragorn
Stefan vs Kable
Kingmax vs Wanderer
Decius mus vs Seasonwave
Ruben vs Elnin0

8 round

Greece - Egypt

Stefan vs Azat
Cezarus vs Wanderer
Gevorg vs Decius Mus
Ruben vs FenomeN
Fuhrer vs Hoso
Kable vs Bazon
Kingmax vs Saqo
Socrates vs Seasonwave
Elnin0 vs Alan
Aragorn vs Levon

9 round

Armenia - Parthia

Kable vs Socrates
Alan vs Kingmax
Aragorn vs Seasonwave
Elnin0 vs Stefan 2:0
Wanderer vs Levon
Decius Mus vs Azat
Ruben vs Cezarus
Hoso vs Gevorg
FenomeN vs Bazon Higgs
Saqo vs Fuhrer

10 round

Armenia - Macedon

Saqo vs FenomeN
Fuhrer vs Socrates
Alan vs Kable
Aragorn vs Kingmax
Seasonwave vs Stefan
Elnin0 vs Wanderer
Levon vs Decius Mus
Ruben vs Azat
Hoso vs Cezarus
Gevorg vs Bazon

11 round

Greece - Pontus

Hoso vs Alan
Bazon vs Levon
Wanderer vs Aragorn
Fuhrer vs Azat
Elnin0 vs Cezarus
Seasonwave vs Ruben
Kable vs Gevorg 0:2
Kingmax vs FenomeN
Stefan vs Socrates
Decius mus vs Saqo

12 round

Germania - Scythia

Wanderer vs Saqo 2:0
Socrates vs Alan
Kingmax vs Levon
Decius mus vs Hoso
Gevorg vs Azat
Bazon vs Stefan
FenomeN vs Elnin0 0:2
Seasonwave vs Fuhrer
Ruben vs Aragorn
Cezarus vs Kable

13 round

Greece - Carthage

Fuhrer vs Kingmax
Aragorn vs Bazon
Decius mus vs Wanderer
FenomeN vs Levon
Kable vs Seasonwave
Socrates vs Hoso
Gevorg vs Elnin0
Azat vs Cezarus
Saqo vs Stefan
Alan vs Ruben

14 round

Rome - Carthage

Socrates vs Decius mus
Kingmax vs Elnin0
Kable vs Fuhrer
Gevorg vs Cezarus
Alan vs Aragorn
Hoso vs Saqo
Wanderer vs Bazon
Stefan vs Ruben
Azat vs FenomeN
Levon vs Seasonwave

15 round

Greece - Macedon

Alan vs Stefan
Gevorg vs Seasonwave
Saqo vs Socrates
Wanderer vs Ruben
Decius mus vs Kingmax
Levon vs Kable
Aragorn vs FenomeN
Bazon vs Hoso
Cezarus vs Fuhrer
Elnin0 vs Azat

16 round

Seleucid - Macedon

Azat vs Saqo
Wanderer vs Hoso
Bazon vs Alan
Stefan vs Aragorn
Seasonwave vs FenomeN
Ruben vs Decius mus
Fuhrer vs Levon
Cezarus vs Socrates
Kable vs Elnin0
Kingmax vs Gevorg

17 round

Thrace - Dacia

FenomeN vs Kable
Ruben vs Saqo
Seasonwave vs Cezarus
Hoso vs Elnin0 0:2
Bazon vs Decius mus
Aragorn vs Socrates
Azat vs Kingmax
Wanderer vs Alan
Gevorg vs Levon
Fuhrer vs Stefan

18 round

Brit - Greece

Cezarus vs Levon
Elnin0 vs Fuhrer
FenomeN vs Gevorg
Bazon vs Socrates
Stefan vs Wanderer
Kingmax vs Seasonwave
Hoso vs Ruben
Azat vs Kable
Alan vs Decius mus
Saqo vs Aragorn

19 round

Egypt - Pontus

Ruben vs Bazon
FenomeN vs Cezarus
Stefan vs Hoso
Azat vs Seasonwave
Levon vs Elnin0
Gevorg vs Fuhrer
Saqo vs Alan
Decius mus vs Aragorn
Kingmax vs Kable
Socrates vs Wanderer 1:1

Prepare for Battle :D
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